Download Instagram photos via Firefox Browser without application

Okay my best friend is not tired of sharing about my experience when going to download images from Instagram. one time I will download some photos that I think I need to edit through my laptop. intention to download with android, but it really makes me so tired why is that? because after downloading from Android I have to move it to a laptop. and yes it is inefficient. without the photo download application from instagram you can download your instagam photos on a PC or laptop. How to ? Pay attention below. checkidot. SPECIAL FIREFOX BROWSER

1. Please go to the Instagram page and log in with your Instagram account. 
2. If you have entered, please find the image to be downloaded.

3. Right-click and select View page information.
3. Then please select the media

4. Please find the image you want

5. If already, please right-click on the link and copy.

6. After the link is copied, please go to the new browser tab and enter the link. 
7. Please right-click and save the image

Alright that's what I can say. hopefully can be useful for you all aminn.

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