Forgot this account password? Here is How to bypass MI Redmi account without a PC for all Types

Trick to Forgot MI Redmi account password without PC. To bypass a Redmi account is very easy. But some people do not understand the right way to do the bypass. Many smartphone owners choose to service their mobile phones. If you experience this, we have tips for dealing with your problem.
Xiaomi smartphones are now increasingly in demand by the public. Especially Indonesia Because of the affordable prices, and the features that are provided are very good. For those who are already using the smartphone are certainly familiar with the MI account. MI accounts are used to access services on Xiaomi smartphones. sometimes the Xiaomi cellphone owner forgets the password to access the account. The following are Tips to bypass MI Redmi account without a PC that can be applied.

Reset MI Redmi Account

There are so many conveniences for Xiaomi smartphone users with MI Account. which is to download a variety of themes and back up data that is on the mobile. For those of you who have forgotten your MI account password, the following tips for dealing with it.

Send unlock application 

The first thing you can do is request to reset your MI account. To submit this application, prepare a photo of the Xiaomi box / box, photo of the purchase receipt. Then submit a request on the Xiaomi company website. On the web page, select the submit unlock application option. or you can click here to go to the XIAOMIwebsite . If you don't understand, you should replace the language menu first. 

When submitting an application, you must fill out the form provided. Fill in the form according to your cellphone's data correctly until verification is approved. Questions that range from the IMEI number of the cell phone to the location where you purchased the cellphone.

MI Account Password Recovery

In addition to how to bypass the MI Redmi account without a PC above, you can also reset the account in other ways. The method is almost the same as above, but you have to use another Xiaomi smartphone.

  1. First open the official Redmi website via another smartphone
  2. Select the submit unclock application option on the website page
  3. Then select the forget password option and you will recover
  4. Prepare the data needed to restore the account
  5. Make sure your email address, mobile number and IMEI number are valid
  6. Fill in the data and select the password reset option

Bypass Accounts through an HP Seller

This method is quite effective in bypassing the smartphone. You can contact your Xiaomi smartphone seller. However, to implement this third step you must first confirm the
 smartphone seller address. Do the following things.
  1. Ask the seller about the status of the mobile MI account
  2. Is there a backup password that was used by the previous owner
  3. Ask the seller if you have ever installed a distributor ROM because it has an effect on your MI account


Those are some tips for dealing with MI accounts that are locked or cannot be opened. If that doesn't work, chances are there are incomplete data or steps you missed. So many articles from me hopefully useful.

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