Tutorial on How to make Whatsapp Stickers Using Your Own Photos

Recently WhatsApp launched a new feature for its users. The latest feature is the Sticker. So users can send stickers in the form of images and words to their friends.

Whatsapp has provided several free stickers. In addition to free stickers, users can also create their ideas by creating their own stickers using photos. To make it is also not so difficult. Curious how to make a sticker using your own photo? Next is the tutorial to make a whatsapp sticker using your own photo.


HOW TO # 1

Before proceeding to the steps to make a sticker using your own photo, you must download the following application:

If you have downloaded the application above, we continue with the steps to create a whatsapp sticker using your own photo. To make a whatsapp sticker, we must prepare at least a minimum of three images to make a sticker package.
  • First Open the Background Eraser application and also open the photo that is used as a sticker by pressing the Load a photo button.
  • Then we will remove the background from the photo using the magic or manual options. To delete it, simply rub your finger on the part of the photo you want to remove.
  • If it is deemed sufficient and neat background of the removed photo then press done then save the image.
  • If you want to add words. Open the PicsArt application.
  • Press the + icon then select the photo that we have removed from the background.
  • Select the text option then we write the desired words.
  • After the text insertion process is complete, please save the photo.
  • Please repeat the steps above to produce three or more photos which we will later make into a sticker package
  • After we have three or more photos. Next, please open the Personal Stickers for Whatsapp application. in the application we will find the photo that we edited earlier. Then tap on the Add option to add it to the whatsapp sticker.
  • Finally, please open Whatsapp and look at the sticker section. If successful, the sticker that we made was available for use.

HOW # 2

In addition there are other ways to make whatsapp stickers using your own photos using the Sticker Maker application. In the second way it is very easy and simple only requires 1 application. Before following the steps below please download the Sticker Maker application first.
  • After downloading the application, please open the Sticker Maker application. then press Create a new stickerpack. Give a sticker name and author name.
  • After filling in, a menu will appear with the name that we have entered. Click the menu to make a sticker.
  • There are two options, namely taking from the camera or taking photos in our gallery.
  • If a photo or image has been selected then delete the background from the photo. how to rub our fingers on the part of the photo that will be deleted. press on the Yes button when done, and Save My Sticker.
  • Please repeat the process above to produce at least 3 stickers. When you press the Publish Sticker Pack button. A notification window will appear, select Yes Publish. Then press Add.
  • To see the results Open our whatsapp, look in the sticker section. If successful the sticker will automatically be available on our whatsapp application.


By paying attention to the article above you can already create your own WhatsApp sticker. if there are problems or difficulties in discussing the tutorial above. Please send comments below this article. So many articles from me hopefully useful.

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